Definition: Fika (pronounced: FEE-Ka); Swedish; verb
1. to take a coffee break
*A typical fika ritual includes a sweet accompaniment to your coffee, like a cookie or a cinnamon roll. These social outings are an integral part of Swedish culture.

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Oswin’s Adventure [19/365]

The TARDIS was made from manilla cardstock, painted TARDIS blue, precision knifed, windowed, assembled together with cellophane tape. The ‘staircase’ was a long string, bobby-pinned together to make a ladder. I had it in mind to get the exact swirling staircase in the Christmas special but swirling that thing was impossible and the pins started falling out so I left it. I popped on the closest to Clara-at-the-end-of-Christmas-Special-scene’s shirt, got my maroon messenger bag, pinned the ladder steps to my hair, balanced the cloud and TARDIS on it and there we go. Apparently it’s not easily balancing a cloud and TARDIS on your head while trying to get a picture.

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The Internet’s Telltale Heartbleed


How did a catastrophic online security flaw remain undetected for two years? Rusty Foster on Heartbleed, and why your login names, passwords, and credit-card information may all be at risk:

Photograph: Ben Torres/Bloomberg/Getty.

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Did somebody say ScarJo as a lead in an action movie???

Very excited for this. Set in Taiwan?! Maybe there will be Taiwanese actresses/actors!

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Hanson | Mmmbop


Velvet Cafe in Galata, Turkey - Mahnoor Hussain

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Has anyone watched the new Captain America movie? It has insanely high ratings on IMDB and rotten tomatoes. I know it only just came out so the ratings may go down later but still… 

Worth watching?


Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina

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