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I honestly fucking hate getting secondhand embarrassment from a character in movies and books

and i’m just sitting there like

omg why did you do that 


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when you pause a tv show or movie the second before a shitstorm hits the fan because you are not emotionally equipped to deal with it 


valentine by natalya lobanova

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There is this article in Wired Magazine titled: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

This is the intro:

The best way to watch a television series is quickly and all at once.

Weird stuff happens after eight hours of watching the same TV show. Your eyes feel crunchy. You get a headache that sits in your teeth, the kind that comes from too much booze, food, or sleep. Of course, there’s also a sense of accomplishment, of smugness, that comes from blowing through years of television in mere days. Only four more nights (less if you call in sick) and you’ve logged the whole run of Breaking Bad

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I hate it when something is so vivid and detailed in my head but impossible to write down.

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